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How to adjust the roughness of the surface of galvanized sheet

How to adjust the roughness of the surface of galvanized sheet

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The roughness of the surface of the galvanized sheet mainly affects the adhesion of the coating and the like, and the requirements for roughness are different for products of different uses. The galva

The roughness of the surface of the galvanized sheet mainly affects the adhesion of the coating and the like, and the requirements for roughness are different for products of different uses. The galvanized sheet for automobile casings requires a high surface roughness, and is generally required to reach Ra 1.5 μm. As a color-coated board, the product of the home appliance board requires a lower roughness, and generally requires Ra 1.5 μm.

When the finishing machine is running stably, the surface roughness of the galvanized sheet mainly depends on the roughness of the work roll of the finishing machine, and generally can reach about 60% of the surface roughness of the work roll. After the new work rolls are put into use, the roughness of the roll surface will be reduced due to the wear of time. Therefore, the first part of the production with high roughness can be produced when the production is arranged, and the roughness is required when the wear reaches a certain level. Lower product.

Suitable roughness of the surface of the work roll is generally obtained by sandblasting, etching, electro-engraving, and the like.


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