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The most common phosphating treatment method for galvanized sheet

The most common phosphating treatment method for galvanized sheet

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In order to promote the progress of the phosphating treatment, an accelerator such as Zn(N03)2, NaNO3, and a catalyst sodium fluoride are often added to the treatment liquid. At the same time, the tem
If the galvanized steel sheet is further phosphatized, the coating performance and corrosion resistance of the product can be improved, and the lubricating property during processing can be improved.
The most common method for phosphating is to spray divalent heavy phosphates on the surface of galvanized sheets, such as Mn(H2P04)2, Fe(H2P04)2, Zn(H2P04)2, etc., which are susceptible to hydrolysis in water to form phosphoric acid. a solution of a dihydrogen salt and a trihydrogen phosphate salt and a free phosphoric acid, the reaction formula is:




When this aqueous solution is sprayed onto the surface of the galvanized sheet, a film formation reaction occurs, and the reaction formula is:

Galvanized layerzn→Zn2++-2e

In solution2H++2e→H2↑



GeneratedZnHP04、Zn3(P04)2It is deposited on the surface of the galvanized layer to form a phosphate film.

In order to promote the progress of the phosphating treatment, an accelerator such as Zn(N03)2, NaNO3, and a catalyst sodium fluoride are often added to the treatment liquid. At the same time, the temperature of the phosphating solution is strictly controlled at about 20 °C, and the pH value is controlled within the range of >3.

The phosphatized galvanized sheet is coated with a 1.5 to 2.0 g/m2 phosphating film on its surface to give a uniform silver-gray surface.


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