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Chairman Address

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As one of the earliest companies focusing on the steel structure building material production, our company has a complete set of measure method, strong technical power and advanced process equipment with all of its products adopting imported material and undergoing design and processing according to customer requirement. Throughout long-term hard work, we have achieved a certain amount of sales scale in the whole country with products consistently upgraded and deeply favored by customers. With the implementation of the ISO9000 series of international standard system, we have established a complete set of perfect management and quality guarantee system and consistently extended product categories to develop toward high strength, precision, heteromorphosis and comprehensive development. Currently, our company has about 100 coordinated companies with solid market foundation by establishing sales agencies in the large and medium sized cities. Currently, our company has entered into rapid development stage with its unique production experience and enterprise spirit. Since China entered WTO, our company has had fierce market. What we should do is to further improve its products. The fierceness of the market competition forced us to cheer up and innovate without fearing difficulties so as to enable the company to strive for further improvement. All of ourcompany accepts all cooperation in the premise of equal and mutual benefit with completely new posture, sincere moods and better products.

Advanced quality is our fundamental advantage. Solidarity: In the industry with intense competition, only with the common efforts of all staff can excellent coordination atmosphere display collective strength. And this is the “Team Spirit” we have long been stressing. Loyalty: “The future of the company is our future”. We have shared breath and destiny with the company. For the growing company, each staff is full of deep affection toward the company. The loyal staff is the most valued human resources for the healthy development. High-efficiency: The competition of modern society is competition of efficiency. The high efficiency and quick pace demonstrate our pragmatic attitude for our customers. We are deeply convinced that our high efficiency is our advantage source. Enterprising: “Move forward or you will lag behind”. In the fierce market, the company has consistently been exploiting its potential and exerting its innovative ability to the unprecedented height and becoming an energetic and enterprising team.

Our city is taking a drastic change with a number of high-rising buildings rising straight from the ground which makes us feel pleased and encouraged. All achievement will become the past and only with consistent hard work can we have hope for future. Looking around the vast land of China, the limitless cause space and beautiful prospect displays at our feet. The limitless career space and open market brought along with an unprecedented opportunity and challenge. Today, the competition platform of the company faces broader space. As an enterprise to welcome challenges at any time, the company has always kept an intense pragmatic spirit because we know Rome is not built in a day.

With the increasing opening up of the Chinese market, the economic area has had powerful opponents surrounded. The past easy commercial environment does not exist any more. With the powerful intrusion of the transnational capital, the domestic company has been facing an unprecedented challenge with the competition barrier and the circuitous space increasingly reducing. The former circuitous fighting and bush fighting accustomed to the domestic enterprise gradually lost its battlefield. In the positional warfare and closed fighting, what we compete is not only regional and local advantages but also the management, controlling, strategic planning and capital operation ability. Strength is more important for the company to maintain success.

Chairman of the Board: Wei Longju